Company Background

Since its establishment in 2006, Greeno® uphold the love for nature, concern for health respect the integrity of business philosophy and strive to improve the lifestyle of modern society in the creation of high-quality  business model, with a practical business style, excellent reputation and professional image to provide natural and efficient safe and practical beauty health care products as part of goal to create wealth and health. 

Today,  GREENO® through its multilevel network marketing strategy has grown into the market leader in the health food for liver, and with its' excellent marketing network also spreads the marvelous copy audemars piguet watches replica watches business from Malaysia, throughout Taiwan, Singapore, Brunei, best replica watches Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Thailand and etc

Corporate Philosophy

We strive to be excellent in achieving the following corporate values: Rolex Replica Watches

i) Integrity : to maintain integrity and honesty at all times
ii) Responsibility : to responsible and accountable for our actions and behaviours  
iii) Creativity : to continue improve and creative in all we do
iii) Appreciation : to appreciate and respect everyone in our life
Greeno® Logo

Greeno® logo is mainly in green colour, which means "GO NATURAL and  GO GREEN" concept. Meanwhile, there is a gingko leaf in the logo as well.The gingko leaf is applied which term in the strong spirit and the famous hot concept of never give up

The name of company, BIO GREENO® is named with the specific meaning as below: 


BIO : "Biotechnology" is promoted for the company products so that match to the environmental friendly idea. 
GREEN : "Natural" is emphasized for the company products so that we can lead to a healthy lifestyle.
O : "Opportunity" is always created and ready for all BIO GREENO®'s customers.
Greeno® Founder

He has over 28 years experience in MLM. His down-to-earth attitude, integrity and responsible business philosophy has help countless of business partners locally and oversea to reach a success and enriched life while at the same time accumulate extensive life experience and success theory.

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Vision & Mission

Vision - We strive to be a leading global organization of natural nutritional and personal care products to human health and well-being.

Mission - We are committed to provide "The World's No 1 Brand" of products and services,through exceptional global business marketing  strategies and the franchising of lifestyle boutique to exceeds our customers' expectations and requirements.



AJL Certification


Appreciaiton Certificate 2011


Industry Excellence Award 2011


Distinguished Service Award for Medical Silicon


Certified by
 Fisheries Agency,Council of Agriculture Taiwan