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A premium water-soluble silica extracted from Japan natural crystal by unique and advanced technology, thus ensuring faster absorption and utilization by our body. It promotes better cellular functions to optimize the replicas relojes performance of all bodily functions.

After oxygen, Silica is the most available element found in the earth’s crust. Silica is a vital trace mineral required by the human body to carry out the on-going metabolic work vital to sustaining life height increasing shoes. 

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Adult body tissues (including lymph, glands, teeth, lungs, muscle, kidney, liver-brain, blood and other tissues) containing around 20g of silica. These tissues are strengthened by silica. However, we average will loss around 10-40mg of silica each day due to air pollution, radiation, intake of foods replicas relojes containing preservatives and pesticides and other factors.


Silica loss and daily diet deficiencies causing a situation where we need to intake the silica supplement in order to maintain body health.

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