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The facts that you must know!
Genital infection rate of female adults appealing watches copy breitling premier is 83%. Out of 62% of the cases are due to the improper use of the low quality sanitary pad.
"Menses hygiene is crucial for women's health."
  1. Sanitary pad sold in the market made from wood pulp, which contains harmful chemicals to human body.
  2. Dioxin is a harmful chemical by product produced by the wood pulp during bleaching and sterilization processes.
  3. Bacteria that are found on the major sanitary pad are more than 10 times from the health international standard. (CAP, July 2002, Malaysia)
  4. First Research: The only safe material for sanitary pad is original cotton (Library of National Medical Society, USA, 1994)
World Health Organization (WHO) discovered that the Dioxin released from the wood pulp can badly affect the women's health and may result in the following conditions: High quality the best and most fashionable rolex replica watchescheap replica watches online of the store erosion of the cervix, endometriosis, infertility, low immune function, inflammation of pelvis, dropped in the functions of internal organs, ovarian cancer and breast cancer. It is a chemical used in pesticides and anti-septic.
"The female vaginal tract can absorb anything at any time. The harmful substances can be reabsorbed back into the uterus in half an hour if you were to put chemical substances in the vagina area", says Dr. Philip M. Tierno.
Dioxin released from the inferior quality sanitary pads, together with the bacteria, can be reabsorbed towards the uterus and resulted in various complications: 
• Endometriosis Cancer
• Polyp at the Ovary
• Cervical Cancer
• Cancer Cell, Uterus Cancer
• Colon Cancer