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What Every Woman Should Know......?

Women are not only exposed to monthly menstrual pain, they also  have to worry about the bacterial infection! 

In tropical country, hot and humid temperature is the breeding paradise for various bacteria. Medical studies have found that  the menses, which is acidic, will encourage the replicas relojes growth of 160,000 bacteria on a sanitary pad in every 4 minutes.. Bacteria reproduce one generation in every 20 minutes. For this reason, bacteria may have reproduced for 3 generations if you change the sanitary pad in every one hour elevator shoes for men!

replica orologi di lusso


Bacterial Infection:

• Mildew • Oidiomycetes • Infusorium

Did you know that these bacteria are the major cause of women's diseases such as menstrual pain, itchy, allergy, inflammation, fever, back pain, emotional instability and other problems; it will also cause the more serious disease.replicas relogios

Cervical cancer is the second most common cancer for Malaysia’s women.

You must take serious on it!