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The following is the possible reactions and detoxification symptoms in the early stages of consuming SpringLife ® and Golden Clam®.

  • Feel sleepy Liver problem
  • Tired and fatigue Problem in chest
  • Nausea and skin itchiness Digestion system problem
  • Dizzy or headache/ difficult to fall asleep Blood pressure and lungs problem
  • Fever Blood imbalance and concentrated
  • Fart Small intestine and colon problem
  • Sweating Heat in the body
  • Diarrhea Lymph and liver problem
  • Sore throat Lungs problem
  • Joint aches Blood nerves problem
  • Body swelling Kidneys problem
  • Lumbago Kidneys problem
  • Bloody stools  Cirrhosis and anus problem
  • Constipation Colon problem
  • Smelly urine Kidneys problem
  • Urination problem Nerves and kidneys problem
  • Serious diabetes and body swelling  Liver and pancreas problem
  • Increased high blood pressure, pressure in the head and dizziness Blood nerves problem
  • Excessive menstrual Weak lymph problem
  • No appetite Cold lymph
  • Itching of the eyes Eyes nerves and kidneys
  • Itching of nose audemars piguet replica Sinus
  • Drowsiness during the day, frequent urination, flatulence, dry mouth and throat Blood acidity
  • Swelling at face and foots Protein deficiency
  • Pimple rolex pas cher chine Blood flow problems in the skin layer
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