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   Sal’ Lexy Peppermint Brisk Bio-Chakra Essential Oil is developed based on the principles of Oriental Medicine and Western Aromatherapy using 100% natural Peppermint extracts. Laboratory repliche orologi tests have proven the quality and efficacy of this product which exemplify the combination of health philosophy and empirical science.

      In addition, Sal’ Lexy Peppermint Brisk Bio-Chakra Essential Oil helps refreshing the mind and also has value as an insect repellant. The therapeutic property of peppermint oil is antiseptic which helps to relieve skin irritation and itchiness and also helps to reduce skin redness. 

     Peppermint Essential Oil has a strong, fresh and menthol aroma. Thus, it is potent to relieve headache. It is also excellent for mental fatigue and depression, refreshing the spirit, stimulating mental agility and improving concentration. It is also a best soothing remedies for  office common symptoms such as depression, tiredness etc. 

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Peppermint is widely used throughout the world which is known for its fresh aroma. The whole plant is used in numerous remedies. The plant, indigenous to Europe, is now widespread in cultivation throughout all regions of the world helpful bolsos replicas .


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