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Golden Clam shells extract chelated Probiomin

Probiomin activated nanobiological calcium , magnesium and iron are created to fulfill the demands of high quality biological calcium, magnesium and iron at all level of age.It has been proven to exhibit the highest absorption and utilization among the supplements ( calcium, magnesium and iron ) in the market.

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Process of patented chelated biological calcium

  1) Extraction of Golden Clam – High-temperature burning of clam shell to be used widely.
2) Calcium with high absorption rate were produced after burning process.
3) Golden Clam shells were burned with high technology.
4) After burning process, the clam relojes imitacion shells turned into white colour.
5) Further processed to powder form.
6) Probiomin chelated process

* The bio-activated mineral complex is easily absorbed in the intestines rolex replica and Probiomin helps to strengthen the functions of intestines.


Advantages of Amino Acid Chelated Biological Calcium

Description Source Absorption Rate Advantage 1 Advantage 2 Advantage 3

Advantages of Amino Acid Chelated Biological Calcium

Pure and unpolluted clam shell

High-temperature burning solution


Golden Clam shells extract chelated Probiomin


Add in variety of probiotics to help for better digestion and absorption, to avoid the toxins produced by the non-probiotic which will lead to acute and chronic diseases Combination of amino acid and peptide chelated Calcium ion, to ensure that the calcium ion does not produce calcium  hydroxide precipitation in alkaline intestines, thus it is safe from kidneys stone! Easy absorption by human body even with low presence of vitamin D

Weaknesses Of Calcium Found In The Market

Description Source

Absorption Rate

Weakness 1 Weakness 2
Calcium Citrate Chemical synthesis


Not natural, body burden increased

Calcium ion inside the intestines will lead to the precipitate of calcium hydroxide , thus cause the poor absorption of intestines.

Further affect the absorption of other nutrients such as vitamins and trace elements

The reaction of calcium ion with Oxalate” and “Phosphate” found in the food will produced the insoluble calcium salt

Kidneys stone

Calcium lactate Milk, yogurt, etc.


2/3 of the intake will be lost, the accumulation in the body could easily lead to physical fatigue extraordinary 
Calcium Carbonate Oysters, pearls, animal bones


Tend to contain heavy metal which will lead to bloating and constipation for long-term consumption.
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