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DD GREEN BIOLOGICS is a scientific firm headed by a medical doctor, a researcher in tropical plants & herbs, and an expert in botanicals that independently verified our formulations and processes, as well as our compliance with the organic certification standards of leading American and European organizations.

We use herbs that are certified organic by American Quality Assurance International.

All our skincare, hair care and body care products are certified vegan by the U.K. Vegan Society.

Paul Penders specialty formulas have won numerous awards for their exceptionally high quality. They are continuously enhanced by our own internal team of cosmetic R&D specialist to guarantee that they remain the purest yet most sophisticated products on the market.

Each Paul Penders product, after careful blending, is certified by an internationally accredited ATA ISO2009 laboratory before the product is put into a jar or bottle to guarantee optimal freshness and potency.

All Paul Penders products are halal (Certified by Jakim, Malaysia).



The Safe Shopper's Bible Recommends Paul Penders

In 2001, Paul Penders received the highest possible rating by researchers David Steinman M.D and Samuel Epstein M.D in their book, The Safe Shopper's Bible, with the foreword by famous consumer advocate, Ralph Nader. This again catapulted Paul Penders into the limelight.

You can ensure yourself that you only use the best  natural products!

Read labels and know the ingredients used in you skin care products.Paul Penders products are free of 1.4-dioxane (a carcinogen according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency).

We never use FD & C colors, chemical preservatives, foam-boosters, emulsifiers or perfumes in any of our products.

Be aware that even certified organic ingredients may not always be natural as well.



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