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Golden Clam® > FAQ
Q : Can people with high cholesterol and  cardiovascular problems take Golden Clam®?
A : Clams are rich in choline. Choline lowers the level of LDL cholesterol, commonly referred to as the 'bad' cholesterol, and raises the level of HDL cholesterol, known as the 'good' cholesterol. This in turn alleviates the effect of vascular diseases.

Q : What is the recommended dosage of Golden Clam® (the number of Golden Clam® tablets to be taken)?
A : The recommended dosage is three tablets per day for adults, and one tablet per day for children below 12 years old.

Q : What is the benefit of the calcium content of Golden Clam®?
A : The type of calcium of Golden Clam® is pearl calcium.
Pearl calcium is active ionic calcium readily absorbed by human body. It works to activate the calcium-balancing mechanism, achieving a balance between the absorption and release of calcium. Our organs and the circulation system will, therefore, take in calcium when there is a shortage, and release it when there is excess.This way, there will not be excessive or inadequate calcium in our body. In short, pearl calcium will supplement calcium to our body during calcium deficiency and coordinate the body's calcium supplementary mechanism in a natural way - the function missing in most calcium supplement in the market.
Our body needs the provision of calcium and phosphorus at the same time to facilitate the absorption of calcium. The effectiveness released by both calcium and phosphorus are distinct according to their sources, be it animal or plants. The effectiveness ratio released by Golden Clam® is about 3:1.

Q : What is the best time to take GREENO® Golden Clam®?
A : According to the Chinese physician, blood flows to our liver between 1.00a.m. to 3.00a.m. Therefore, the best time to take Golden Clam® is at night, before sleep (11.00p.m.).

Q : How long after taking Golden Clam® will the effect take place? What are these effects?
A : During the extraction process, amino acid molecules are decomposed into smaller molecules (short peptide sequences). Thanks to this process, the effects will be felt about 30 minutes to 2 hours after one takes Golden Clam®, as the cells absorbs the smaller molecules without the need of further decomposition.
a: Improved stamina, no fatigue (B2, B6, B12)
b: Improved concentration, clarity of thought and focused (choline)
c: Easy to sleep at night (choline, calcium and phosphorus)
d: Better vision the next morning
e: Men will have more sustained vitality and feel more energetic within 3-7 days (arginine, zinc)

Q : Is there anyone who should avoid taking it?
A : No. Golden Clam® is a natural product.

Q : Is there any food I should avoid taking concurrently with Golden Clam®?
A : No. Golden Clam® is 100% natural; it is food and not medicine. The only difference from normal food is that Golden Clam® is highly concentrated. There is no prohibition.

For the elderly

Q : How much can an elderly person absorb Golden Clam®? Is there any difference from those of other age groups?
A : The absorptive quality has nothing to do with age; however, the absorptive quality of the cells in the small intestine of each individual does matter.

Q : Can a person with high uric acid and gout take Golden Clam®?
A : Yes. According to the Ben Cao Gang Mu (The Compendium of Materia Medica), clam works to soothe liver, nourish the gallbladder and is a diuretic. As such, it helps in improving the condition of gout.

Q : Can a person prescribed with medication for heart disease, high blood pressure or other drug take clam essences?
A : No problem. Since Golden Clam® essences is food and not medicine, there is no prohibition in its consumption.

* According to the statistics, there are approximate 600 types of drug in the market that may cause damage to the liver. These include painkiller and antipyretic popular among us.Some herbal medicine may also induce hepatitis; they account for 22.4% of drug-induced hepatitis. It is important to take note of this.

For children/youth

Q : For children who are unable to consume Golden Clam® tablet in whole, can it be grinded into powder or added to beverage?
A : Yes. It may also be chewed. (It tastes like roasted squid as clams feed on green algae)

For women

Q : Golden Clam® is an edible healthy food that can be consumed by pregnant women. Is this the case throughout one's pregnancy, or is there any restriction in terms of timing?
A : There is no restriction.
  1. The first 3 months of pregnancy is the most critical period as the brain cell, brain stem and spinal nerves of embryo develop. One of the major ingredients of Golden Clam®, namely choline, plays an important role in the maintenance of the brain cell and nervous system.
  2. Pregnant woman needs complete nutrition supply during the ten-month pregnancy.Golden Clam® has the most complete protein provision (in addition to rich content of various amino acids).
  3. The calcium content in Golden Clam® belongs to the pearl calcium category, which is the most readily absorbed by human body. The ideal ratio of calcium and phosphorus absorption is 3:1.
  4. It can eliminate fetal toxicity and puerperal fever during the last semester of pregnancy.
  5. Jaundice is among the most worrying conditions a new born baby has. For prevention, nutrition and body metabolism is of utmost important (according to the Ben Cao Gang Mu (The Compendium of Materia Medica), clam is able to eliminate Jaundice)

Q : Does it have a positive effect on the feminine body profile and skin condition?
A : Yes.
  1. Choline eliminates LDL cholesterol and blood lipid through metabolism; hence, it helps sculpting our body curves.
  2. Keratin is largely protein. Clams have a rich content of complete protein; hence, it will benefit skin and hair by refining the texture and adding to it a natural glow.

For men

Q : What are the effects on people who lead a hectic social life and are constantly under pressure of work?
A :
  1. Before social engagement, take Golden Clam® and it helps you:
    1. avoid getting drunk, and eliminate alcohol residue in the liver.
    2. improve the liver's toxin eliminating function even if the place is stuffy and filled with cigarette smoke.
  2. Before meeting, take Golden Clam® to help clear thinking, concentrate, regain sparkle in the eyes, relax muscle and avoid fatigue.
  3. When you are at a drinking bout, take Golden Clam® to help stay clear-minded longer.
  4. After drinking: a. Ease the symptoms b. Relieve sickness after excessive drinking, including headaches, deep sleep, difficulty in waking up and fatigue after waking up.

Q : Which components in Golden Clam® help promote sperm activity and testis fluid secretion?
A : Arginine. It boosts stamina and sustained organic zinc, and increases Testosterone secretion and sperm count and activity.