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1980 Medical Research by a Japanese Professor showed 82% of 853 liver disease patients recovered or improved after the  treatment using clam extracts.
1982 Medical Research by a Japanese Medical Team showed the clam can control fatty liver, prevent elevation of AST & ALT, and reduce the death of liver cells.High quality the best and most fashionable  online of the replica watches store.
1994 Liver Specialist Professor Gong had done a 6 years research on clam and discovered the protein in clam extracts has the ability to prevent cancer, particularly liver cancer.
1998 Cholesterol & Heart Specialist Professor Lim discovered the clam can prevent the hardening of vessels, heart and blood circulation disease.
1999 Professor Lim confirmed clam can reduce the AST & ALT of liver.
2003 University of Tzu Chi discovered clam besides liver is also good for the health of heart, pancreas and kidney.